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Keep files organized with your office storage system.

Office filling systems are used on a daily basis, so it is important to plan the location to allow employees easier on work. This can speed up the work and help to minimize mess in the office. Determine the type filing, categorize and label them accordingly.

Keep Office Supplies Stocked Up and Stowed Away With Smart Storage Solutions

Do you have an overflowing supply closet or find yourself spending 20 minutes searching just to locate a spare stapler? These are symptoms of a lack of office organization, which can cause stress and frustration. Fortunately, there is a cure: smart storage solutions for all your office supplies. Learn how to organize everything, from the pens you use every day to spare stacks of printer paper, so your office supplies are on hand whenever you need them.

Use Color Storage

Want to keep your office looking sleek and organized without having to hide extra notepads and staplers? The trick to office organization is to keep supplies out of sight in color-coded storage bins. Think green for paper supplies, blue for stocked-up staples and pens, and red for printing supplies. You can also match a color scheme with different shades of one main color, such as aqua, teal and navy blue for a blue-themed office. Opt for a host of smaller bins rather than one large one, for easy browsing. Next, add some labels to separate item categories within a single shade. Place the bins neatly along shelving units, with high-traffic bins at eye to waist level for easy access.

Convenient Storage

If you keep boxes of pencils or stacks of printer paper in the back of a messy storage room, you have to make a trip each time you run out of office essentials. Save time and effort by stocking these supplies in vertical coffee cabinets. Tall, narrow cabinets save space in a small office, making it easier to organize. You can also purchase a low cabinet with a top that doubles as an extra work space. Store supplies in original boxes and packages to keep things neat, or use storage baskets inside the cabinet for organizing smaller items. Make sure all supplies are visible by placing taller items in the back to avoid an impromptu game of hide-and-seek every time you run out of envelopes.

Use Desk Drawer Organizers

Your desk drawers provide accessible storage for frequently used office supplies. Unfortunately, random items often find their way into drawers, shift and move around. Now a convenient space becomes a cluttered mess. Keep your office supplies neat and clean with drawer organizers made of fabric, plastic or metal. Use them for stashing paper clips, erasers, pens, rubber bands and other small items. If your office supplies use the same drawer space as documents, purchase a smaller desk organizer that takes up only a small portion of the drawer.

Create Clutter-Free Work Space

Your desk is a primary spot for office clutter., and this can negatively impact your productivity. Use multi-tiered desktop organizers designed with spaces for small papers, scissors, pens and other essentials to keep your desk neat and your supplies organized. A carousel organizer is another smart option to store tons of supplies within arm’s reach. Keep these organizers at the side or back of a desk to maximize your work space, and use them to store only the essentials you use several times a day. Everything else can be stored in desk drawer organizers.

Don’t forget to label your office storage solutions to cut down on the time you spend item hunting for what you need. Wherever possible, keep every bin and organizer within view of your desk. And, at the end of the day, once they’re put back where they belong, you’ll start the next day better organized.

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